Meet Mona: The Woman Behind Lisk Technical Documentation

March 10, 2023

Meet Mona - our Lead Technical Writer at Lightcurve, who is one of our longest-tenured team members. 

Mona joined us when our company was only nine months old and has since become a cornerstone of our team. She plays a crucial role in perfecting the technical documentation of the Lisk project and transforming complex technical concepts into user-friendly language. Mona also manages our Lisk Bug Bounty program and is our go-to person for breaking down complicated issues.


Join us in this blog post as we talk to Mona about her Lightcurve journey, blockchain interests, and encouragement for others to enter the web3 space.



What path led to your job at Lightcurve?

I am fascinated by new technologies, but what really sparked my interest in blockchain technology was the possibility of creating truly decentralized applications and infrastructures.

Before joining Lightcurve, I was studying media informatics in Berlin and working on a project that aimed to create an online marketplace controlled by its users. It was a super cool and ambitious project! We had multiple solutions in place to decentralize the platform and make it more transparent and democratic. While these solutions were excellent in theory, a lot of different factors came into play, and the project did not go as planned.

That's when I stumbled across Lisk and learned that they were moving their headquarters to Berlin. I was drawn to the idea of sidechains and planned to apply it to the marketplace platform. Initially, I intended to apply as a student worker, but I decided to stay long-term and work on building the Lisk ecosystem instead.

The rest is history. It’s been five and a half years of working on Lisk. 


What excites you most about blockchain technology? 

I find blockchain technology to be a fascinating and versatile foundation that can be utilized for many purposes. I am personally hyped about decentralized applications and organizations. When it is applied in a meaningful and responsible way, it has the potential to disrupt numerous industries by solving existing problems related to centralization and lack of transparency. 


How has the company evolved over the past 6 years?

Quite a lot, actually! Lightcurve is constantly evolving. Every startup has to go through a lot of challenges in the beginning, but it is especially true for a crypto startup, given the very young and in itself always evolving industry that we work in.

What I love about Lightcurve and the company culture is that there is constant self-reflection and a will to improve, once a problem is identified. I feel we have matured in the process quite a lot and have a very good basis to move forward from here.


What is your favorite memory of your time in Lightcurve? 

Launching the new Lisk Mainnet v3 was quite an event, and it was a reward for months of hard work. I hope the launch of the Lisk Mainnet v4 will be at least as great :D


What are some of the challenges as a female in tech? 

As the industry is still quite male-dominated, it can be challenging working mainly with men in the team, and most of the time your superiors will be males as well. Other than that, I don’t see any challenges exclusively for females, because I believe women can do tech-related jobs at least as well as men :)


What advice would you give to people who are just starting at Lightcurve? 

Uff, nothing special I guess… Just don’t be afraid to ask questions :)


If you could live in one historical era, which would you choose and why?

That’s a tough one! But I would probably choose the ancient world, Greece. I just love their culture, and the world was still full of wonders and miracles back then.  <3



Thank you Mona for your answers! It is truly inspiring to see so many talented women in web3 and we are happy to have you on board with us for so many years!