Lightcurve sponsors Codemotion Kids Camp

March 26, 2019

Supporting progress is one of Lightcurve’s core values. We are committed to putting it in action inside and outside of our company every single day. While we strongly believe that all ages can drive change in blockchain, statistics clearly show younger people gravitating towards careers in software development. Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic, once rightly put it; these days, “every company is a software company.” This means that the skills of understanding code and creating applications are more important than ever. Codemotion, who is behind one of the biggest developer-focused events in the EMEA region, organized a week-long bootcamp to get children hyped up about the work of a programmer. When WeWork approached us with the opportunity to co-host the event at our offices in Atrium Tower, we were immediately on board.

The Codemotion Kids course was hosted by WeWork at Atrium Tower, in the heart of Berlin’s business district, Potsdamer Platz. Over the course of five days, a class full of children aged 8-13 under the supervision of trained coaches was experimenting and discovering the world of programming.

"It was a great pilot experiment for our members, who really enjoyed spending time with the children in the office and developing new skills together”  - Wybo Wijnbergen, General Manager of WeWork for Northern Europe.


What is Codemotion Kids?


The Codemotion Kids event series has been taking place in Italy for a few years already. To date, over 45,000 Italian children and teenagers have attended the workshops and classes. This year, the organizers decided to host their first event in Germany’s capital.

"We were very happy to introduce our approach to German audiences. The children had the chance to design videogames, build a cardboard city populated by autonomous cars, explored electronic prototyping and even organized a robot sumo-like championship!” - Kabiria Mancuso, Business Development Manager for Codemotion Kids.


Why it’s important to support initiatives like Codemotion


Developers will play a crucial role in bringing the advantages of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to society. We are building Lisk to remove the barriers to entry for blockchain by creating an accessible ecosystem of high-quality developer tools in JavaScript, educational resources and inclusive communities. In doing so, we are determined to prepare the next generations of developers.

Some of the most sought after employees are developers, but the educational system has yet to catch up and modify curriculums to meet the growing demand for coders. Many organizations are already anticipating that these changes will not be implemented in time on a governmental level.


Codemotion Kids is just the beginning for Lightcurve.


We are determined to continue supporting education around both traditional programming and blockchain-specific courses. If you would be interested in partnering with Lightcurve for a future event, please reach out to us.


~ The Lightcurve Team