Lightcurve joins Bundesblock

March 26, 2019

We are determined to help blockchain technology achieve mass adoption. We built Lisk to help JavaScript and TypeScript developers as well as businesses fully explore the advantages of blockchain. At the same time, we understand that the current political frameworks and policies do not yet cater to the needs of this nascent technology. That’s why we joined Bundesblock, the German Blockchain Association whose main goal is to educate political and corporate decision makers, as well as the broader public about blockchain technology. 


Bundesblock advocates for blockchain-friendly regulation

German Blockchain Association (also known as Bundesblock), founded in Berlin in 2017, has been an active participant in the conversations around allowing for more innovation with blockchain technology. The organization’s main goal is advocacy for the use of more blockchain-based products in Germany-based businesses as well as political institutions. Decentralized ledger technology, which is on course to completely reimagine how users interact with digital products. Bundesblock believes that if Germany is to reap benefits of this change it has to quickly adopt measures that will attract blockchain projects to its market.


Before mass adoption, blockchain requires mass education

Policies are not the only way that to get the ball rolling. The Association's goal is also to promote a more widespread education about blockchain that goes beyond cryptocurrency speculation and trading. This education should not only extend to policymakers but also businesses, developers and digital consumers. Blockchain technology, its intricacies, nuances and mathematics behind it are not easy to digest. That is one of the reasons the Lightcurve team built the Lisk Academy, a comprehensive source of everything you need to know about the blockchain technology.

One of the ways to spur blockchain adoption is to educate society about the advantages of decentralization. Bundesblock wants to put together teams who will help create a comprehensive plan for blockchain education in Germany. Lightcurve plans to take an instrumental role in having these recommendations passed. High-quality software products and service are just one piece of the puzzle to achieving mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Local legislators and governments are also a very important stakeholder in this journey. Through Bundesblock, we intend to bridge the gap with us and the German lawmakers to give this nascent technology an appropriate legal environment to flourish in.


~ The Lightcurve Team