Lightcurve finds a new home

October 26, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Lightcurve has achieved an important milestone in the history of the company. After years of successful cooperation with WeWork, Lightcurve has moved into new premises and opened its own modern office space in the heart of Berlin.  





The new office is located on the border between Kreuzberg and Mitte, in Köpenicker Straße, 10179. This area is famous for its diversity, as there is a variety of different commercial ventures and places of cultural interest, from famous techno clubs, to leading tech startups, countless restaurants, cafés, and galleries; and even a former squat which has been transformed into a housing project. Furthermore, it is close to the river Spree, so there is a beach just within walking distance from our office. 


Thanks to its location in the very center of Berlin, Lightcurve’s office is also easily accessible by public transport. Most importantly, we are now a part of the vibrant neighborhood with its unique cultural life that has a long history of alternative culture, community self-development, and experimentation. Clearly, it fits very well with the innovative spirit of our company and enables us to participate in this unique creative environment. 




Lightcurve’s new office is located on the ground floor of an old building that dates back to the early twentieth century. “Viktoriahof” was built in 1909 - 1910 and consisted of a factory that produced luggage and accessories for traveling. Today, it is considered to be a heritage landmark. Although it has been recently renovated, the space has all the typical features of the pre-WWII buildings, such as tall ceilings (close to 5m), spacious rooms, and large windows.



We share the building with other successful startups, such as Uber and Unique, together with various designers, architects, and other companies, such as a technical education school, and a self coaching practice. This creates a unique business working environment that sparks creative thinking and collaboration. 

Lisk Center Berlin


The most exciting aspect regarding the new location is the fact that Lightcurve’s office shares one floor with the Lisk Center Berlin. This was an intentional decision, as Lightcurve is inextricably linked with the Lisk Foundation. Hence it is both advantageous and beneficial to have our team always on hand, and easily accessible for the Lisk community. The Lisk Center Berlin is ready to open its doors this November. The official opening will be marked by an online event for the Lisk community around the world. 





It has been a great pleasure and was very convenient to have an office located in the WeWork premises, as it provided Lightcurve with excellent services and amenities for the last 4 years. However, setting up our own new working environment enabled us to start from scratch. We have created a unique space that represents Lightcurve’s culture and manifests our company’s identity and values. 

Our main goal was to set up a healthy and productive workplace and encourage the well-being of our team. Therefore, our office is ergonomically equipped in order for everyone to have an optimum working environment. For instance, we have procured the finest chairs that currently exist on the market. The Herman Miller Aeron chairs ensure that a correct and comfortable posture can be maintained throughout the entire day. In addition, it also has many adjustable features, so that it can suit everyone’s comfort requirements.


We would like to nurture a collaborative spirit, which is why we opted for an open space with hot desks. In this setting, the desks are not actually assigned to any particular team member. All tables are both ergonomic and height-adjustable . Additionally, we provide standing desks that can also help to improve posture.

Lightcurve’s new office is a great example of how an ergonomically designed office can also be aesthetically pleasing. We have created a space that reflects the company’s brand identity, in a unique historical and cultural setting in our new location. Furthermore, we have been consistent in the use of our brand colors and have created a lively and dynamic atmosphere. 


Predominantly the main theme throughout our office is Berlin itself, as we were inspired by the city’s open-mindedness and creativity. One can find Berlin in everything from the names of the meeting rooms (Kotti, Görli, and Schlesi), to minor details such as the pillows on our window seats. 


To complement our spacious office, we have installed a four-meter tall room separator that is now home to our specialized book library. Nearby, we have created a cozy lounge area that features a comfortable sofa, whereby team members can have breaks and spontaneous informal meetings.


Lightcurve highly values the health of the team, so we wanted to go beyond ergonomic furniture and innovative designs that boost creativity. We provide fresh fruit and vegetables, raw vegan bites, protein bars, muesli, and delicious cookies. For nutrition enthusiasts, we have also created a health bar with supplements, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, we also have a fully-equipped kitchen, just like at home. This enables our team to comfortably cook, as well as hold different cooking workshops and team events.

We also established a partnership with the Urban Sports Club to encompass all aspects of well-being. Our team members can incorporate sports in their life, whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance using USC membership with a great discount.


In our new home, we are constantly seeking opportunities to further improve the space for our team members. We are looking forward to developing exciting ideas in our new beautiful office.

Let’s make it matter!