Lightcurve celebrates its 5th anniversary

November 16, 2021

Today, Lightcurve turns 5! To mark this milestone, we have talked to Max Kordek, the Director of Lightcurve and CEO of Lisk. In this short interview, he reflects on the biggest achievements our company has accomplished and about Lightcurve’s goals for the next five years.  




What do you see as the biggest accomplishments of Lightcurve since its start in 2016?

We founded Lightcurve with the mission to support the Lisk Foundation to implement its grand vision for the Lisk project. I’d say so far three accomplishments really stood out to me. First, it’s the fact that the Lisk network is still running stable and secure today, over 5 years after its launch without any major incidents along the way. Second, it was the release of the Lisk SDK in 2019 which marked the first major milestone completion of the Lisk project and enables developers to rapidly build blockchain applications written in JavaScript. Third, it was the conclusion of the Lisk interoperability research in 2021 which is part of the second major milestone of the Lisk project. The implementation of this research will signal the launch of the Lisk blockchain application platform and is scheduled for 2022.


What was the biggest challenge for the company in those five years and how did you overcome it? 

Not only the biggest challenge for the company but also for Oliver and myself personally was the lay-off at the end of 2019. The BTC price dropped significantly, so it became irresponsible to continue to employ 80 people and burn through the Lisk Foundation’s funds. We learned many tough lessons at that time and built ourselves all the way back up by working incredibly hard. Today, we are stronger than ever and have countermeasures in place which prevent a similar scenario from happening. We are now looking into a bright future with strong financial reserves to build the team back to its full potential. 2022 will be a big year for Lightcurve!



What is your ultimate goal for the next five years in Lightcurve?

After launching the Lisk blockchain application platform next year, our ultimate goal with Lightcurve is to make Lisk a success! We are fully positioned to take care of that and I’m looking forward to the coming years. 


What do you love the most about being a Director of Lightcurve or CEO of Lisk?

I was growing up very poor and therefore my life goal from very early on was to break out of the lower class. At 23 years old I already achieved that and learned that money is not the answer to life. I then asked myself what’s really important. Today, the thing I love most about my life (i.e. being a Director of Lightcurve or CEO of Lisk) is that I’m building something important and have a real chance of making an impact in this world. A passion to pursue is worth more than anything else and is forcing me to continuously evolve and adapt. Making Lisk a success is a really hard challenge and I couldn’t be more excited to make that happen.



Thank you, Max! We cannot wait to see what amazing achievements the next decades of Lightcurve and Lisk will bring us.


Happy Anniversary, Lightcurve. Let's make things matter together!