Introducing the brand new identity for Lightcurve

March 26, 2019

We are happy to announce a brand new identity and website for Lightcurve, the blockchain development studio behind the Lisk ecosystem. The identity ranges from the new visual language for the entire brand to a new company mantra ‘Make Things Matter.’ The final version is a product of months of collaboration between Lightcurve’s Creative team and Dept, a recent conglomerate of top design and marketing agencies from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Here are some of the highlights from the rollout of the new visual identity:

Brand new website.



The new platform will help position Lightcurve as one of the top employers in the blockchain industry in Europe. Our new careers page is directly integrated with Greenhouse HR which helps keep the entire recruitment experience on the website while benefiting from the recruitment tool’s handy features. The new team page serves as a clear roster of Lightcurve's diverse team. Our blog will feature agency announcements as well as helpful resources for those aiming to start a career in blockchain.


Brand new logo.




Cool new animation.



New color palette, typography and much more!




If you like to know more about our creative team’s work, follow our new Dribbble account!


Branded office equipment for Lightcurve employees.



The aim of Lightcurve’s new visual identity is to lay foundations for the purpose of our studio in the future Lisk ecosystem. So far, Lightcurve has been commissioned by the Lisk Foundation as the network’s main developer, marketer, and scientist. In the future, we will shift our attention to helping developers and businesses explore the many benefits of blockchain technology through Lisk. We want our studio’s identity to grow stronger and become a hub for future activity within the network.


~ The Lightcurve Team