Goodbye 2022: Lightcurve Events Wrap-Up

January 05, 2023

In 2022, our team worked really hard and celebrated numerous noteworthy achievements of the Lisk project. We also created countless memorable moments as a team.


Today, we reminisce on some of the most significant and special team events of 2022. 

Great times with incredible people! 


Rope Course 

It’s hard to pick the most fun activity of the year, but if we had to choose, the rope course would definitely be at the top of that list! In April, our team climbed trees and explored the magical spring forest together. 

Just look how happy we are! 



Tropical Islands 

What if we told you that there is a way to teleport to a tropical island from cold Berlin? 

Our team found a way! In October, we spent the whole day enjoying the golden sand beaches and crystal blue water - all of that just one hour away from Berlin in the Tropical Islands water park.    


Lisk + Lightcurve Birthday 

In 2022, both Lisk and Lightcurve turned 6 years old! We gathered together to celebrate our journey, who we are today, and our exciting future ahead. Both birthday celebrations were accompanied by special cakes and quickly disappearing sweet treats. 



Company Run 

At Lightcurve, everyone's a winner and a champion. Yet again, we had a chance to prove it while participating in this year’s Berlin Company run. What a spirit! 



Lightcurve Breakfast 

Throughout the year we also continued our favorite ritual - Lightcurve Breakfasts. Yet, in 2022 all breakfasts were extra special! We made sure we held them around special events - such as visits of our remote workers and partners.



Lightcurve BBQ

Another great tradition that brings our team together is the Lightcurve BBQ. So good to see so many of our team members and their families enjoying the food, sun, games, and each other’s company.


Online Events 

As Lightcurve is a remote-first company, we also make sure that our team stays connected no matter where they are. This is why we organized many online activities, such as team quizzes, photo competitions, as well as casual coffee breaks! 


Lightcurve Festify 

One of the biggest and most anticipated events of 2022 was the Lightcurve Festify summer party. We managed to organize an event with a proper festival spirit - lots of glitter, beach activities, barbeque and even a tarot card reader. Everything a good party needs! 



Lisk Center & Other Events 

We were looking forward to returning to in-person events and finally it happened! Throughout the whole year, our team was able to organize numerous events in the Lisk Center. We brought together and celebrated the global crypto community and brilliant minds who are leading the way in the blockchain space.  


Lightcurve Winter Party 

It was a real pleasure hosting our team for the annual Lightcurve winter party. For the last time in 2022, we came together to enjoy and talk about achievements, joys, and learnings to take into the new year and beyond. 



What an epic ride 2022 has been for our team!


Thank you everyone for making it happen and cheers to many more magical moments in 2023.