Goodbye 2021: Lightcurve Events Wrap-Up

January 05, 2022

Remote work posed a challenge for many companies around the world. At Lightcurve, we took it as an opportunity to find new ways of building a stronger culture and creating human-to-human connections in our team, both in-person and virtually. 

Throughout 2021, we kept our Berlin office open to accommodate people who struggle with a new reality. In strict compliance with regulations, we had a chance to use our incredible office space to hold small team events when the situation allowed it. However, we also felt it was important to have more virtual events so that every team member from any continent feels connected to what we believe in and do here at Lightcurve. 

With this post, we would like to look back at this remarkable and eventful year and thank everyone for participating and being such a great team!

Let’s go! 



Team Coffee Breaks (Online)

Like many other companies, we explored online team engagement activities to keep in touch. Virtual team coffee breaks became a way for our team to replace this much-needed office chat at the coffee machine. 



Get Moving Challenge (Online)

In May, we announced a team challenge to virtually reach 619 km, which is the distance between Lisk Center Berlin and Lisk Center Utrecht. In the end, we walked, ran, cycled, and paddled 1921.75 km. Thrice the original goal - great job, team!



Lightcurve Photo Contest (Online)

We wanted our team to enjoy spring and encouraged everyone to go out and explore their neighborhoods. We organized the Lightcurve Photo Contest, where participants presented their neighborhood shots for the team to then choose the winner!


Lightcurve Breakfast (Offline)

In summer, we returned to our favorite ritual - Lightcurve Monthly Breakfast. Freshly made croissants straight from the oven, delicious bacon and eggs, and cheese from all around the world - all to set our team up for a happier and more positive day.



Donutstag (Offline)

Never underestimate the impact a good treat can have on well-being! Although we dedicate ourselves to sports and healthy activities, we also love occasionally indulging in delicious locally-produced donuts from Berlin.



FUN Geography Game (Online)

Because we have such a multicultural team, we thought we could use this opportunity to learn about each other’s cultures. We created a quiz with 20 fun questions, one for each nationality represented in Lightcurve at that time. For our curious team members, it was a perfect way to spend time with colleagues from all around the world, get to know each other, and gain a better understanding of each other's homelands.


Lightcurve Summer BBQ (Offline)

In 2021, we laid the foundation for a new tradition - Lightcurve Summer BBQ. Who does not like to have drinks and food in the sun? The most active team members also had a chance to play frisbee, badminton, and beach tennis - even after the sun went down. 

Company Run (Offline)

In September, our Lightcurve team took part in the Berlin Company Run. We ran 5,5 km through the Berlin city center and Tiergarten. Although everyone was soaked from the heavy rain, we could not be more proud and happy about our team’s results! Congratulations!


Lightcurve Tropical Garden Party (Offline)

This summer, Lightcurve successfully executed Lisk Mainnet v3 Migration. We have been working so hard to reach this monumental milestone, so this party was a well-deserved celebration of our remarkable achievement!



Halloween World Lunch (Offline)

For Halloween, we continued our long-standing tradition of holding the Lightcurve World Lunch in the office. Every year, our team has a chance to share a piece of culture through food from their homeland: from caviar to pretzels. Yummy!


Lightcurve Anniversary (Offline)

This year, Lightcurve turned 5! To commemorate this milestone, we wanted to do something special. We hired an in-house chef to cook lunch for our team right in our office kitchen! Mexiterranean fusion never tasted better.



Winter Wonderland Party (Offline)

After such an eventful year for the Lisk project, we wanted to take a deep breath and relax. Therefore, our Christmas celebration was a quiet evening with candles, live music, and performances of our team members. We could not imagine a better way to spend time with our Lightcurve family before going on holiday. 




We believe that 2022 will bring even more accomplishments for the Lisk project and Lightcurve. That means there will be even more reasons to celebrate our success as a team! 


Looking forward to what 2022 has in store for us. 


See you soon!