Farewell 2023: Lightcurve Event Wrap-Up

January 04, 2024

2023 was a big year here at Lightcurve - we successfully migrated Lisk to V4, a highly anticipated event in our journey. What is more exciting - we announced that we will integrate with the Ethereum ecosystem as a Layer 2 (L2) in collaboration with Optimism & Gelato!


Yet amongst the company’s achievements, we also had a lot of fun with our team bonding events. What did we get up to? So much…



Never underestimate the team of people working in the digital space - we also make an unbeatable team on the track. The company run is fast becoming one of our most popular events - turns out we love any chance to stretch our legs together around Berlin.



Summer BBQ 

Is it really Summer if you can’t smell a grill everywhere you go? We contributed to the tasty smells wafting through the summer breeze when we gathered at the Tempelhofer field, Berlin’s former airport turned hottest-place-to-be-in-Summer, to enjoy some sunshine together.



Summer Party

The warm weather in Berlin is a great excuse for many of our remote workers and freelancers to come together and hang out face-to-face. This year, we went full festival vibes with a beach party filled with good food, great entertainment and even better company. 



Blockchain week

A major annual highlight for the industry, Berlin Blockchain Week brought together people from all over the world (including our amazing international team of remote workers) to network, talk about all things blockchain and host and participate in events at our Lisk Centre in the heart of the city. 



Web3 events at the Lisk Center 

Our Lisk Centre has been a hub for some of the most exciting events of the year. We partnered with Crypto Girls Club for our “Break the Bias” event, which focused on diversity in Web3, and took a deep dive into the music industry with our “Sound of Web3” event. 



The Lisk Centre was also a great space for us to take a break and hang out over some pizza.




Conferences are an essential part of connecting our colleagues from all over the world. Our team attended multiple conferences to network and socialize with other industry leaders. Even in those busy times, we still find time to come together as a team!



World Lunch PotLuck

We have a truly international team here at Lightcurve and one of the best parts of this is sharing our cultures - through food. On Halloween we gathered together, each with a dish from our home country to share. What better way to learn about each other than through food? Yum!



Lightcurve Birthday

Another trip around the sun is a great achievement for any company, and we were thrilled to see Lightcurve turn 7 in 2023. 



Winter Party

We welcomed in the first snowfall of the season in chalet vibes in Berlin. We bonded over some Bavarian curling and enjoyed a sit-down meal and danced the night away with some great live music. A great way to welcome in the winter and celebrate the end of a great year. 



With our team all over the world - we always find unique ways to connect. This year we had a sneak peek into eachothers childhood with a game of Guess Who, featuring our most adorable childhood photos. Our teams also had online lunches and activities - like drawing sessions - to enjoy each other’s company from far, without having to talk shop.



What a spectacular year! Here's to making more magic together in 2024 - in and out of the office!